My name is Daman Anand and I was born and brought up in Dehradun, the flower valley of northern India. I completed my Master’s degree in 1989 and briefly worked for the oil exploration industry. In 1992, I decided to switch careers partly because I belong to a family where several generations have been involved in the flower business.

The Journey

I entered the flower business and began by importing flower bulbs from Hillegom, The Netherlands. I began growing these flowers in Dehradun. The excellent climate of Dehra Dun is quite suitable for the growing of flowers. I expanded vertically in 1997 by setting up Floricall, a flower shop in New Delhi which I ran successfully for several years and sold subsequently. 

I joined Sunflower Technologies, a US based technology company. I worked remotely from Delhi assisting florists in US and Canada from 2006 to to 2008. In 2008 I started with flower retail which continues till date.

360 degree Service to our Customers

Today, I own two flower businesses, one offline and the other online, although the lines between the two are blurred these days. My flower shop, which is located in West Delhi, is called Just Flowers. My online e-commerce flower portal, which you are currently visiting, is called Flowers Delivery Delhi. We serve hundreds of satisfied customers each week on both fronts.

Vision and Mission

As an experienced florist in New Delhi with a proven track record of customer service, it is my unqualified passion to deliver happiness. At Flowers Delivery Delhi, our customers come first and aren’t simply our first priority, they are our only priority. Often our customers forget important occasions and call me at the eleventh hour to send flowers. Since we specialize in same day delivery of flowers in Delhi, I am usually able to accommodate these orders.